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  • AKA: Eugene Richard O'Connor
Sceneroller, Cheetah Chrome
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Cheetah Chrome (born Eugene O'Connor, February 18, 1955, Cleveland, Ohio) is an American musician who achieved fame as a guitarist for Rocket From the Tombs and the punk rock band The Dead Boys.

After the Dead Boys broke up, Cheetah Chrome played around New York City (mostly at Max's Kansas City) doing shows with the Stilettos, as well as his own band Cheetah Chrome and the Casualties. He recorded a single for ORK Records, "Still Wanna Die/Take Me Home", recorded byAtlantic Records co-founder Herb Abramson. Shortly thereafter, he played on Ronnie Spector's debut solo album Siren. In 1980, he played guitar for Nico at New York's Squat Theatre as well as Max's Kansas City. He appeared on several recordings during the 1980s, most notably his own "Cheetah Chrome and the Ghetto Dogs" (Get Hip), Jeff Dahl's "I Kill Me" (Sympathy for the Record Industry), and Todd Tamanend Clark's "Into The Vision" (TMI). He also rejoined the Dead Boys for the ill fated reunions of the late 1980s.

In the 1990s, Chrome moved to Nashville, Tennessee and recorded a live album Alive in Detroit (DUI) at Lili's in Hamtramck, Michigan. In the 2002, he played guitar on several track for False Alarm's Fuck 'Em All We've All Ready (Now) Won!.

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