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  • Flyin' Moco
    1989 - 1990
    Lead VocalIn the beginning The Flyin' Moco had 2 lead singers. Jo Mo & some guy named Dave. I saw them with Dave at least twice at Spanky's Café and maybe twice (definitely once, I have the photos), in a backyard party on Indiana Ave X of Van Buren Ave in Riverside, CA. Buzz was not really a band member, he was the roadie / cousin of Remy & Matt and they just let him get on stage sometimes. Around 1990 (maybe 1991) they played 6 songs live on the Dave Amato Local Music Showcase on 88.1 KUCR (now 88.3 KUCR). I still have it recorded on 2 different cassettes just in case something happened to one. We loved this band more than any other Spanky's band (except maybe RoadWhore). If anyone knows how to contact Remy or any of these guys I will pay $$$ for a reunion show on my ranch in La Sierra. This was a very special band to us. Thank you, The Flyin Moco, for the display.
Sceneroller, Dave