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Sceneroller, David Robinson
Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia:

David Robinson (born April 2, 1949, Malden, Massachusetts]) is an American rock drummer. He has performed with many rock bands including The Rising Tide, The Modern Lovers, The Pop!, DMZ and The Cars.

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From Wikipedia's entry on The Cars:

Ocasek soon got rid of the bass player, the keyboardist, and the drummer and decided to form a band that better fit his style of writing. Kevin Robichaud was replaced by David Robinson. Robinson said that he should really have a regular job instead, and that the Cars would be his last band. Best known for his career with the Modern Lovers, Robinson had also played in DMZ and the Pop! It was Robinson who came up with the name "The Cars," which led to automobile-related puns. Ocasek said of the name, "It's so easy to spell; it doesn't have a 'z' on the end; it's real authentic. It's pop art, in a sense."

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