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Sceneroller, Donna Dresch
Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia: 

Donna Dresch is an American punk rock musician, perhaps best known as founder, guitaristand bass guitarist of Team Dresch.

Dresch has been actively involved in the queercore scene since the 1980s, as the creator of the fanzine Chainsaw and contributor to several other seminal zines such as Outpunk andJ.D.s, as well as contributing and being featured on the front cover of issue five of Deke Nihilson and Tom Jennings' zine Homocore. Additionally, she was a contributor to Tobi Vail's influential proto-Riot Grrrl fanzine, Jigsaw and Tammy Rae Carland's zine I (heart) Amy Carter. In 1992, she appeared in the cult film The Yo-Yo Gang, by G.B. Jones.


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