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  • Blondie
    1974 - 1975
    Electric Bass

    1977, May 4 (Wed) - Unknown
    Electric Bass
  • Television
    1975 - 1978
    Electric Bass
Sceneroller, Fred Smith
Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia:

Fred Smith (born April 10, 1948 in New York) is an American bass guitarist, best known for his work with Television. He was the original bassist with Blondie until he quit in spring 1975 to replace Richard Hell who had left Television over disputes with Tom Verlaine. Hell went on to form The Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders. At the time, Television played at CBGB along with Blondie. According to Smith, "Blondie was like a sinking ship and Television was my favorite band." He stayed with the band till they broke up in 1978 and rejoined them when they reunited in 1992; the band has played off and on ever since. Smith also participated in the solo albums of the Television guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd, and played with such artists as The Roches, Willie Nile, Peregrins and The Revelons. From 1988 to 1989 he played bass, recorded, and toured with The Fleshtones.

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