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Sceneroller, Guy Hoffman
Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia:

Guy Hoffman (born May 20, 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is a drummer and vocalist, formerly of such bands as Oil Tasters, BoDeans, Violent Femmes and Absinthe.He is a composer for such films as Field Day and a founding member of Radio Romeo. …

Hoffman was a founding member of The Haskels and Oil Tasters, bands in Milwaukee's punk scene. He was an original member of Milwaukee roots rock band, BoDeans. He performs on the BoDeans 1986 debut album "Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams" (reissued in 2009 as a CD/DVD set). Hoffman performs in BoDeans videos for the songs "She's A Runaway" and "Fadeaway." He reunited with BoDeans singer/songwriter Sam Llanas to form the band Absinthe and released A Good Day To Die in 1998.

Hoffman joined Violent Femmes in 1993.Two versions of "Blister In The Sun," the Femmes' signature song, were recorded with Hoffman for Grosse Pointe Blank motion picture soundtrack in 1997. Hoffman appears with Violent Femmes in film concerts and television productions such as "Woodstock '94," "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," "VH-1 Hard Rock Live," "MTV" and others. He appeared on numerous music videos and late-night talk shows in the U.S., UK, Canada, Europe and Australia. In 2005, Hoffman's contributions were included on two Violent Femmes reissued CD/DVD compilations. Hoffman also designed the cover for the album New Times by Violent Femmes.


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