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Sceneroller, John Shaw
Biographical Notes

From Asbury Park Press, Dec. 8, 2006

Forty years ago, anybody who was anybody on the local music scene knew about John Shaw. He was the charming drummer who could also sing, and he led The Jaywalkers, the hottest cover band in Asbury Park. "John was my boss before that other Boss," said Garry Tallent, bassist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. "If you wanted to work, you wanted to be part of The Jaywalkers." Tallent joined The Jaywalkers as a guitarist and later switched to bass. He was one of 30 or 40 people who could claim membership in the revolving cast of The Jaywalkers. Billy Ryan, a devoted blues musician, was a Jaywalker in the band's heyday. "These guys were Like my family," he said. "And we touched so many people." Shaw died earlier this year of an apparent heart attack. 

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