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  • AKA: Johnny Angel Wendell
  • Thrills
    1977 - Unknown
    Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • The Blackjacks
    1983, August - 1986
    Guitars, Vocals

    1986, October - 1987
    Guitars, Vocals

    1988, January - 1989, July 1 (Sat)
    Guitars, Vocals
Sceneroller, Johnny Angel
Performed with
Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia:

Johnny Angel Wendell is an American writer, musician, and radio talk show host. He is married and lives in Los Angeles with his two sons. Once a resident of Massachusetts, he is now a Los Angeles Weekly columnist, Wendell is the host of KTLK-AM 1150's "Southern California Live with Johnny Wendell". Wendell is also a regular on KFI-AM640.

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