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Sceneroller, Joyce Rooks
Performed with
Biographical Notes

From Marco on the Bass: 

I was born in Baltimore and my parents moved to California when I was 2. We lived in San Diego and Long Beach because my dad was in the Navy. We moved to L.A.when I was seven so I pretty much grew up there with the influence of nearby Hollywood. My earliest memories of music were Top 40 radio played by my dad and jazz from my mom. Neither one of them was a musician but we always had music at home of all genres. My mother bought me Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf and Tchiakovsky's Sleeping Beauty. The first record I bought with my own money was "Don't Mess With Bill" by the Marvelettes. It was a competition between me and a friend who could get the record first. L.A. had great radio stations in the 60's so we heard everything. My mom played the jazz station but my dad would play Top 40 which was nothing like today. We heard the Supremes, Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, James Brown and even Johnny Cash. 

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