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  • AKA: Curtis Naihersey
Sceneroller, Mr. Curt
Biographical Notes

From Music Museum of New England:

Pastiche was the brainchild of one Curtis Naihersey, A.K.A. Mr. Curt, guitarist and songwriter who put the first version of his band together sometime around 1976. Beloved in the local rock scene, Pastiche existed in a variety of lineups, but coalesced into its most memorable one when singer Ken Scales, with his striking visual presence of shaved head and quirky onstage mannerisms, first appeared on the B-side of a Mr. Curt single called “I’m Going Blind.” That ode to puberty became a local hit and Pastiche grew into its tight five-piece performing unit. Within a year, that version played WBCN’s 2nd Annual Rock and Roll Rumble in the summer of 1980 and advanced all the way to the finals. In the final night’s competition, Pastiche bested the hard rock trio named France in a battle widely reported in local headlines as a ‘New Wave vs. Heavy Metal’ showdown.

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