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Sceneroller, Paul Zone
Biographical Notes

From Punk Globe:

Paul Zone, with his brothers, created a brand of power pop and dance music that is instantly recognizable and addicting, yet catchy. He started out in the ‘New York Punk Scene’ and has played with nearly everyone from Max’s Kansas City, and CBGB’s. He grew up, as did the music that inspired him, and in the 80’s he was in the band Man 2 Man that had number one hits in numerous countries. He currently is on tour with the photos he took in the early 70’s. ...

Punk Globe: Is it true that Debbie Harry and Chris Stein convinced your brothers to let you join the band and become the lead singer?

Paul Zone: Oh yeah Debbie, Chris and Lance Loud were the ones who threw out the suggestion. The band was Mikki and Mandy and they started out on the scene with Blondie and the Ramones (74-75), both those bands were both just forming at that point. I mean, I would go to the music store with my brother and we would see Dee Dee and Johnny, they knew us from the Fast, they were developing in other bands at that time; Joey was in Sniper. Sniper played with my brothers early in ’75. Lance convinced them to let me be the lead singer; I was young and cute I guess.

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