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  • AKA: Ritchie Leigh, Ritchie Lee
Sceneroller, Richard Brubaker aka Ritchie Rooster

David, Ritchie, & Jimmie...The Roosters

(missing Orrick Smith)

Looks like a gig at the Adams Ave. Theatre with the Roosters

This is from a Roosters gig at the Ice House in Escondido in the early 80s

Biographical Notes

Ritchie started playing guitar and singing during the "Folk era" of the early 60s. Singing and playing harmonica throughout Junior & Senior High schools. He worked for, or played with many different bands through the 60s & 70s, making many friends and aquaintinces (some in VERY high places). In the late 70s he got together with two former bandmates and after many hours of discussion, called their new band "The Roosters".

Most of the clubs they performed at are now gone, but Ritchie's influence is still remembered by many...(I keep hearing from them from time to time, thanking me for either "inspiring them, or keeping them IN the business").

Ritchie has been tourning, recording, or producing sessions for over 40 years, and is now doing old West gunfighter re-enactments, "to educate, and keep the spirit of the American West alive".

Ritchie uses almost exclusively Telecaster guitars, With a chorus pedal and a delay pedal...swears by the mighty sound of the Vox AC30.