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  • AKA: Midnite Hatsize
Sceneroller, Rick Snyder
Biographical Notes

From Captain Beefheart Radar Station:

Turned onto Don’s music by his friend and long time bandmate, Ace Farren Ford, Rick became a devoted fan and doggedly learned to play these intricate songs. In the band Ace & Duce he was able to incorporate versions of some Beefheart songs into the free jazz workouts that made up their repertoire.

In the late ’70s he played in a power-pop band called The Shake Shakes but quit them when he successfully auditioned as guitarist in the Magic Band on the ‘Doc At The Radar Station’ tour. John French had played guitar on that album but wasn’t interested in touring as a guitarist. For Ice Cream For Crow Rick moved to bass as Eric Drew Feldman was touring with Snakefinger and Gary Lucas took over on guitar. Rick stayed until Don finally pulled the plug on the band.

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