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Sceneroller, Russ Tolman
Biographical Notes

Russ Tolman first came to notice as guitarist, songwriter and producer of True West, the 1980s guitar band that was considered by some as part of the Paisley Underground scene that emanated from California in the early to mid '80s. Prior to True West, Tolman was a member of the 70s new wave band Suspects, which included future Dream Syndicate founders Steve Wynn and Kendra Smith, and future True West lead singer Gavin Blair.

Upon leaving True West in 1985, Tolman released a series of seven solo albums between 1986 and  2000:

Totem Poles & Glory Holes ('86)
Down In Earthquake Town ('88)
Goodbye Joe ('90)
Road Movie ('92)
Sweet Spot ('94)
City Lights ('98)
New Quadraphonic Highway ('00)

True West has reunited for several shows since 2006. 

After a decade of musical inactivity, Tolman has recently reunited the Russ Tolman Band (Kirk Swan, ex Dumptruck on guitar, Robert Lloyd on keys, Dave Drewry drums, and Mike Baker bass) and has been playing regularly in LA venues.