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  • AKA: Vini ''Mad Dog'' Lopez
Sceneroller, Vini Lopez

Vini's short hair was a consequence of his September "holiday" in Richmond.

Biographical Notes

From Wikipedia: 

Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez (born in 1949) is an American drummer. Between 1968 and 1974 Lopez backed╩Bruce Springsteen in several bands, including Steel Mill and the E Street Band. He also played on Springsteen's first two albums,"Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. and "The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle." After leaving the E Street Band, Lopez went on to play drums with numerous Jersey Shore bands, including The Lord Gunner Group. Since 2004 he has led his own band, Steel Mill Retro, which has performed and recorded original Springsteen songs from the Steel Mill era, as well as serve as mentor to emerging artists such as The Ries Brothers. As of August 2008 Lopez lives in Jackson Township, New Jersey, with his daughter, Liz, who is an accountant. His wife, Laurel, died in 2004. When not playing in various bands, Lopez has worked as a golf caddy.

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