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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Detroit, MI
  • Active: 1991 - Unknown
Sceneroller, 36D, Robert Eastway, Ed Alterman, Phil Durr, Dan Ross , Barry Henssler, Mark Dancey
Worked with
  • Al Sutton
    1991 - Unknown
    Producer, Recording engineer, Mastering Engineer, Remix engineer, Recording staff
About This Act

From Blogged and Quartered:

In 1991, the majority of Born Without A Face formed a band called 36D (which i have yet to hear). This was the lineup:

  • Robert Eastway - vocals
  • Dan Ross - guitar
  • Mank Dancey - bass
  • Ed Alterman - drums
  • additional personel: Barry Henssler and Phil Durr





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