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  • AKA: A.I.M.
  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: New Cross, United Kingdom
  • Active: 2000, January 1 (Sat) - Present
  • Number of gigs played: 3
  • Number of other acts played with: 5
Sceneroller, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Raye Caluori, Nick Potts
  • Raye Caluori
    2000, January 1 (Sat) - Present
  • Nick Potts
    2000, January 1 (Sat) - Present
    Digital samples, Tape manipulation

The Others Gallery 4th Novemebr 2010.

About This Act

Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), describe themselves as "Hydra's scientific division", and operate as a kind of research and development arm of the parent band.

More experimental than Hydra's industrial poundings, and mostly improvised, AIM produce a slightly less abrasive sound with beats, loops and samples layered over unsettling soundscapes.

  • Nid: 6218
  • Nid: 6938
  • Nid: 6939
  • Nid: 6940