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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
  • Number of gigs played: 1
  • Number of other acts played with: 2
Sceneroller, Blues X 5
About This Act

Blues x Five MySpace

Blues x 5 were a San Diego-based Charmkin outfit playing the Psych/Mod scene in the mid to late 80s. The combo specialized in rhythm and blues sounds made popular by british invasion-influenced American bands like the Count Five, the Chocolate Watchband and The Remains. Blues x 5 folded in the late 80s as they transitioned from "playing mostly other peoples' songs" to creating their own. Members are still involved in creating and performing music to varying degrees and hope to one day find the cassettes of studio and home recordings of Blues x 5 to produce a vinyl retrospective of the Blues x 5 story. Surprisingly good video exists of the group from rehearsals, performances and possibly day trips down to Lake Hodges.

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