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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: London, United Kingdom
  • Active: 1989 - 2003
  • Number of gigs played: 1
Sceneroller, Blur, Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James, Dave Rowntree
Blur performing at Hyde Park in London, July 2009. Left to right: Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Alex James.
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Wikipedia on Blur:

Blur were an English alternative rock band. Formed in London in 1989 as Seymour, the group consisted of singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree. Blur's debut album Leisure (1991) incorporated the sounds of Madchester and shoegazing. Following a stylistic change—influenced by English guitar pop groups such as The Kinks, The Beatles and XTC—Blur released the Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), Parklife (1994) and The Great Escape (1995) albums. As a result, the band helped to popularise the Britpop genre and achieved mass popularity in the UK, aided by a famous chart battle with rival band Oasis dubbed "The Battle of Britpop".

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