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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, Bound & Gagged
About This Act

From Amoeba Music:

Those of you who were lucky enough to hit the clubs through the early 80's saw bands just like this playing in your home town.  In this case, Boston's Bound & Gagged were surely a hit with the polka dot and pointy shoe set.  Their ennui-tinged female vocals, Beefheart-influenced art rock instrumentation and herky jerky rhythm's ala Flying Lizards will surely satisfy those with a soft spot for this period.

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From YouTube:

Martha Swetzoff - Lead guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Wendy Stone - Rhythm guitar, Bass
Trude Koby - Bass, Vocals, Alto Sax, Trombone, Percussion
Marcia Maglione - Keyboard, Vocals, RotoToms, Percussion
Deni Ozan - Drums, Inspiration

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  • Nid: 30273
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