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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Olympia, WA
  • Active: 1991, February 14 (Thu) - 1994
  • Number of gigs played: 4
  • Number of other acts played with: 7
Sceneroller, Bratmobile, Molly Neuman, Allison Wolfe, Erin Smith
About This Act

From Bratmobile MySpace page:

"Bratmobile is an American punk band. Growing from the rich NW and DC underground and influenced by indie pop in the US as well as Britpop, girl groups, grunge, and punk rock, Bratmobile was a first-generation Riot Grrrl band. Formed when University of Oregon students Allison Wolfe and Molly Neuman collaborated on a noted feminist fanzine, Girl Germs, Bratmobile played its first show as a two-woman act at Olympia’s North Shore Surf Club on Valentine’s Day, 1991 with Molly and Allison sharing duties on guitar, drums, and vocals. During spring break 1991, Allison and Molly went to DC to follow Beat Happening and Nation Of Ulysses on tour and try to work on a new form of Bratmobile. Beat Happening’s Calvin Johnson had previously introduced Molly to nascent guitarist Erin Smith from Bethesda, MD during the Christmas holiday in December, 1990 at a Nation Of Ulysses show in Washington, DC. Smith was the author of the much-revered TV pop culture fanzine Teenage Gang Debs when Allison and Molly asked her to jam with them. It clicked, and in July 1991 the trio played their first show as a 3-piece with Molly Neuman on drums, Erin Smith on guitar, and Allison Wolfe on vocals.

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