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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Broadways, Ron Coleman, Robert Conti, Billy Brown, Ray Morris, Leon Trent
Performed with

Clarence Clemons, with saxophone, backing the Broadways in Asbury Park in 1964.(Photo: Ronald Coleman)

About This Act

From Asbury Park West Vocal Groups: 

[B]y 1966, the Uniques (Billy Brown, Ron Coleman, Leon Trent and Ray Morris) changed their name to the Broadways and sent a demo to MGM Records’ Koppleman and Rubin who gave the group an audition. Pleased with the sound of the Broadways, Koppleman & Rubin signed the group to MGM and assigned them producer Joe Wissert. Songwriter Drake Hollon wrote the song “Going Going Gone” for the group that was arranged by Trade Martin and recorded with a 32-piece band. Sure they had a hit record, the Broadways prepared themselves for stardom. Everywhere the song got airplay it was a success, but unfortunately it was not promoted as heavily as the group would have liked. Koppleman and Rubin seemed more interested in promoting the Lovin’ Spoonful. Still, the Broadways made an appearance on the syndicated TV show, “The Upbeat Show” and MGM recorded a second release, “You Just Don’t Know,” now a Northern Soul favorite. After the MGM records, the Broadways continued to work locally. Ray Morris left to support his family and was replaced by Robert Conti. The Broadways were always supported by the best West Side instrumentalists, including a then undiscovered sax player, Clarence Clemons. [Clemons would later make his recording debut with Norman Seldin’s Joyful Noyze.]

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