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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Biddeford, ME
  • Active: 1970 - Unknown
Sceneroller, Catfish Black, Ernie Brooks, Jerry Harrison, Andy Paley, Andy Paley
About This Act

From What Is Frank Listening To:

Meanwhile, in or around the summer of 1970, we find a Biddeford, Maine, rock ensemble called Catfish Black. Band members were Harvard students, and they returned there in the fall, filling a few trial musical engagements. Around that time, Jimmy Mahoney left the group; and drummer Andy Paley replaced him as lead vocalist. Suzie Adams soon became the band's manager. Apparently it was about the same time that the group recorded a demo tape at the MIT student union … Sometime after that, two other members, Ernie Brooks and Jerry Harrison, left the band. The next news of these two that we caught was really not much later when they were members of the fabled Modern Lovers … In 1971, Richard Robinson got Catfish Black some bookings at Max's Kansas City in New York. After reaching New York, members of Catfish Black caught wind of another group with a similar name; so they collectively rechristened themselves the Sidewinders, taking that name from the Roger McGuinn song, "Chestnut Mare." 

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