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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • Active: 1983 - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Clancy Carroll Band, Bobby Mitchell, Vodie Rhinehart, Clancy Carroll
About This Act

From Cheap Rewards:

The Starship closed its doors in 1983. After that, the scene scattered and lost its collective energy. Likewise, the momentum of the band had gradually faltered. Feeling they had accomplished what they set out to do, the Dominoes simply called it quits.

Clancy [Carroll] then started the Clancy Carroll Band. His Honesty EP, released in 1985, features two ex-Haskels (Bobby Mitchell and Vodie Rhinehart) as well as members of Those X-Cleavers and Rock-A-Dials. Gerard and Mike went on to play in a band called the Barnburners with Gerard's brother Richard (formerly of the Haskels and Oil Tasters). Mike also ended up playing in a band with a third LaValliere brother, Doug (formerly inThe Prosecutors).

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