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  • AKA: Dameon Garrett
  • Type: Solo Performer
  • Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
  • Active: 2009 - Present
  • Hip hop
Sceneroller, Dae One
Member of
  • No One
    2009 - Unknown
    Producer, Rapper
About This Act

From Wikipedia:

Dameon DAE ONE Garrett is an American hip hop producer and recording artist from Hawthorne, California. At the age of 14, he began his musical career by writing and developing his own songs. While attending Hawthorne High School, he received an Akai drum machine where he learned the fine art of beat-making. After graduating from High School, Dae One was discovered by West Coast producing legend DJ Sir Jinx, who took him under his wings and served as a mentor helping him to further develop his producing skills.

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  • Nid: 21368
  • Nid: 21369