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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
  • Number of gigs played: 2
  • Number of other acts played with: 9
Sceneroller, The Eyes
About This Act

From Underappreciated Rock Bands:

THE EYES date from the earliest days of punk rock in Los Angeles. 

Chris Ashford was a friend of members of the Germs; in the great 1970's tradition, they had just made a crude two-track recording of a song called "Forming" in the guitarist's garage, so Ashford released it as a 45 and distributed it all by himself.  … Ashford then set out to record the other bands that were performing at the city's first punk club, the Masque.  The Eyes were one of these bands, with a sound that was described on the liner notes of What? Stuff as "poppy but hard edged".  "Don't Talk to Me", featuring vocals by Charlotte Caffey came out on the third What release; the flip side actually had two songs: "Victims" by the Skulls plus the wonderful "Neutron Bomb" by the Controllers (which was also released as the A side on What 04).  Another song by the Eyes with an equally compelling beat is also included on the compilation album, called "Kill Your Parents".  (I want to say it was tongue in cheek, but honestly, I can't tell for sure!). 

Charlotte Caffey left the band shortly afterward to become one of the founding members of the Go-Go's (one of my all time favorites); she was bass player in the Eyes but became lead guitarist in her new band.  Despite their girl-next-door rep and cheerleader-good-looks, this most successful of the all-female rock bands was well rooted in LA's punk rock scene:  The other two founding members, lead vocalist Belinda Carlisle and guitarist Jane Wiedlin were numbered among the back-up singers called the Blackettes that performed with Black Randy and the Metrosquad. 

Drummer DJ Bonebrake also left the band to become the last of the founding members of one of the biggest LA punk bands, X (having a rich sound that could almost be described as post-punk despite their 1977 founding date).  Exene Cervenka was yet another Blackette; her name – a riff on her real name Christine, with "Ex" replacing "Christ" (a la X-mas) – probably inspired the band's name. 

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