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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: 1967 - 1978
Sceneroller, Glory, Jerry Raney, Mike Berneathy, Bobby Bales, Jack Pinney, Greg Willis, Steve Arenz, Mike Milsap, Paul Nichols, Jack Butler, Bruce Morse, Jeff Jones
Glory: Jack Butler, Jerry Raney
CCover of Glory's "On the Air" album.
About This Act
Ray Brandes writes in Che Underground: The Blog: "Throughout the ‘70s, however, a few local underground acts had held firmly, David-like in their resistance to the corporate Goliaths. One such band was San Diego’s beloved hard-rock bad-asses Glory, who according to one critic, left 'a big greasy mark (and a few stains) on Southern California’s rock & roll scene.' "Glory’s main attractions were local guitar hero and future Beat Farmer Jerry Raney; second lead guitarist and keyboardist Jack Butler (rumored to have the longest hair in San Diego); flamboyant front man Mike Milsap; and original Iron Butterfly rhythm section Greg Willis and Jack Pinney." Read more.
  • Glory plays "Slow Back"