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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Boise, ID
  • Active: 1983 - 1988
Sceneroller, H-Hour, Tad Doyle, Danny Brown, Darren Peters, Johnny Clint
About This Act

From Lame Stain Northwest: 

Perhaps the biggest challenge that our interns have faced here in the lamestain research department has been finding detailed information about the Seattle-via-Idaho pre-grunge band H-Hour. The band is often mentioned yet seldom described, and they left a meager recorded output (three songs). If they released a proper record, single, or even a demo tape, I’ve never heard or seen it--I can’t even find any documentation about other material.

So why are they still often cited? Here’s why: H-Hour were the vehicle that drove Tad Doyle from Idaho to Seattle in 1987, four years after the band formed. Mr. Doyle, who studied music in college, played drums for the band before joining Bundle of Hiss, where he first played with Kurt Danielson, and then forming TAD, the greatest goddamn band in the universe. (Doyle played the skins on the first few TAD recordings, but the H-Hour songs display his considerable proficiency a lot better.) Biographies about Doyle often mention his tenure in H-Hour.


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