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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Tacoma, WA
  • Active: Unknown - 1992
Sceneroller, Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babies, Eric Munday, Steve Ross, Tyler Willman, Bob Martin, Dan Kempthorne
About This Act

From Wikipedia: 

Green Apple Quick Step started as the Tacoma-based band, Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babys, consisting of vocalist Tyler Willman, guitarists Steve Ross and Dan Kempthorne, drummer Bob Martin and bassist Eric Munday. The band played a few shows locally and in 1989, Aroma Records released 700 copies of their numbered, limited edition purple vinyl EP, "Another World", which was recorded atTombstone Records and contained 4 songs: "Soul Step", "Seamonkeys", "Another World", and "Eleventeen". Munday left the band in 1992.

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