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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, Mrozinski's Mean Machine
About This Act


Beginning in 1978, MROZINSKI performed several solo showcases (at Scene One on Hudson on April 16 and Reno Sweeney on May 15) while rehearsing with his first band,

MROZINSKI (vocals, keyboards)
Jimmy Fria (guitar)
Larry Rigatti (bass)
Jody Schilling (drums)
Backup vocals: the Magnetics (Lisa Rampulla and Linda Baffi)

MROZINSKI'S MEAN MACHINE performed their first gig at Max's Kansas City on May 24, 1978, where they reappeared as headliners on June 12 (and again on 8/12, 9/19 and 12/2). Other gigs that year included solo performances at Scene One on May 25 and August 24, and band performances at Rockbottom (formerly Electric Ladyland) 6/1, 6/16-17, Hurrah 6/19, 6/26 and 9/14, Artemis (Philadelphia) 6/20, Scene One 7/8, and the Side Door in Staten Island 8/16-18-19

MROZINSKI resigned his church organist position to play fulltime on the NYC circuit and continued performing throughout the year. MROZINSKI was featured with a full-page portrait by Bruce Weber in Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine in October, and in the same month was the cover feature of the premiere issue of Omega One magazine.

In 1979, MROZINSKI'S MEAN MACHINE became MROZINSKI: The Man and The Band.

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From Sniper entry on Wikipedia:

Wray became a studio session guitarist, later joining the DCvers, Sanchez stayed in New York and joined Mrozinski Music, while Morales and Franklyn formed the band Hunter in London with vocalist Bob Chabala. Turner reformed the Age of Reason in 2015, while Wray continues to perform with Wrayband.

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