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  • Type: Hip-Hop Crew
  • Hometown: Harbor City, CA
  • Active: 1974 - 1978
  • Hip hop
Sceneroller, The Night Time Players, Mr. Prinze, Charles "Alvon" Woods, Alphonse Finn, Renord Collins, Tony Willis, Pernell Prothro, Barry Harris
About This Act

From Wikipedia:

Originally known as The Night Time Players, the group was originally formed in 1974 by Rodger Clayton, Charles "Alvon" Woods, Alphonse Finn, Renord Collins, Pernell Prothro, Tony Willis and Barry Harris giving house parties at 911 Stonebryn Drive in Harbor City. In 1978 the group trimmed down to Rodger Clayton, Charles Woods, Renord Collins and added Rodney Gardner to form Unique Dreams Entertainment. Rodger dubbed himself The Ace of Dreams (DJ). Later in 1978, Arthur "Gid" Martin, who was friends with Rodger at Narbonne High School and first met at Henry Clay Jr High School, and his brother Tony Martin were attempting to give a party and asked Rodger to DJ for them. Rodger suggested they join forces and start promoting dances together, with Rodger spinning under the name Ace of Dreams and later Mr. Prinze. But they needed a name, a name that would catch everyone's attention. Later that year Funkadelic released an album entitled Uncle Jam Wants You. The name Uncle Jamm's Army hit home and was adopted.

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