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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Old Ceremony, Mark Simonsen, Dan Hall, Matt Brandau, Gabriel Pell, Django Haskins
About This Act

The Old Ceremony is a 'pop-noir' band from Chapel Hill, NC fronted by songwriter/raconteur Django Haskins (International Orange, Django & the Regulars). The Old Ceremony includes pianist James Wallace, bassist Matt Brandau (Sankofa, Remix Project), drummer Dan Hall (Countdown Quartet), vibes/organist Mark Simonsen (Jackie O. Pillbox), Violinists Gabriele Pelli and cellist Josh Starmer. They are joined by a rotating cast of musical luminaries which have included Daniel Hart on violin, Jil Christensen on accordion, Vamsi Tadepalli on sax, Will Caviness on trumpet, and Harmony Keeney on vocals.

Inspired by the Great American Songbook (and its finest interpreters such as Sinatra and Chet Baker), as well as the theatricality of Tom Waits, Serge Gainesbourg, Astor Piazzolla and Nick Cave, The Old Ceremony creates their own shoebox panorama of a world of paper palm trees, unsolved mysteries and unopened air mail. It is distinctly American and faintly exotic.

The Old Ceremony's second album, Our One Mistake, hit stores and airwaves in October 2006 and was placed on the top 100 albums of 2006 by Paste Magazine.

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