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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Active: 2007, January - Present
Sceneroller, Refuse Resist, Nick Smith, Brendan White, Steve Risteen, Shawn Refuse, Mike Barone, John Mehlman, Mark Powers, Jamie Payette
About This Act

From MySpace:

There was a time when music was life, and life was music. A time when people communicated with each other face to face. Whether it was a club or a basement, music was easy to find and a lot of kids were into it. Refuse Resist was formed to try to bring those ideals back into the present through good straight up hardcore/punk. A blend of all sides of punk and hardcore create the unique sound from this Boston band. So, come on all of you into punk rock, hardcore and oi. Refuse Resist! “Shawn Refuse's singing blends beautifully, yet maliciously with every aspect of the music backing him. The guitars are crunching, the bass is wild, and the drums are quite furious. All combined, it's almost as if The Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedys and Blood For Blood got together and had a bunch of bastard children called Refuse Resist (and for the record their name has nothing to do with Sepultura).”

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  • Nid: 8888
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