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  • AKA: "the Sounds of the British Invaision"
    "the New Sounds of the 60s"
  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: 1980, August - 1995
  • Number of gigs played: 6
  • Number of other acts played with: 6
Sceneroller, The Roosters, Richard Brubaker aka Ritchie Rooster, Orrick Smith, David Stuckey aka: David Rooster, Jimmie Conder aka: Jimmie Rooster

David Rooster onstage at either Headquarters or the Baccanal

Jimmie Rooster at the Ice House in Escondido

Ritchie Rooster at the Spirit Club (rare Telecaster!)

Ritchie Rooster, Jimmie Rooster, David Rooster

About This Act

The Roosters were hard to define musically. Their roots were CLEARLY in the 50s & 60s!  Their songs ranged from honkey tonk bar room rockers to Everly Bros. and Hollies harmonies. They specialised in songs no one else would DARE cover, or their own originals.

The original members: Ritchie (Rooster) Brubaker, guitar/lead vocals - Jimmie (Rooster) Conder, piano, keyboard bass/lead vocals, and David (Rooster) Stuckey, drums/percussion/lead vocals, got together after bemoaning the current state of the music of the late 70s, and vowed to share the type of songs that inspired them in the first place.

Orrick Smith soon became a mainstay on bass and backing vocals.

They were constantly amazed at the positive reactions from their peers, and response from the press. It was said the Roosters opened many doors for younger musicians, but they closed the doors on themselves (ie: when an arraingement was offered them by Foreigner's mgmt, some members balked at making a bid for so MUCH success, and blew the deal)

Soon members began to splinter and go their seperate ways assadly, the personalities in the group clashed quite a bit (musical directions, etc.) and only Ritchie and Orrick remained until the end.