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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY
  • Active: 1991 - Present
Sceneroller, Simon and the Bar Sinisters, Glenn Healy, Raven, Scott Kitchen, Simon Chardiet
About This Act

From MySpace:

In 1987, Simon Chardiet left Joey Miserable and the Worms and began the experiments that would lead to the inception of Simon and the Bar Sinisters in 1991. The Bar Sinisters are a more raw-edged and uncompromising form of Rock n' Roll and early Punk ethos than the Worms were. .. Simon is proud to announce that the band has now reformed to its orginal 1991 lineup. Also with them is one of the original Worms saxaphone players, Raven, who was also a member of the notorious Murphy's Law. .. Simon has wandered through the full musical gamut - from the halls of Julliard to the squats of the old Lower East Side. Along the way, he has played with: Bo Didley, Sleepy La Beef, Rancid, The Slackers (4 records!), The Flat Duo Jets, Mojo Nickson, Andre Williams, John Spencer's Heavy Trash, and many others. To everyone who sent friend requests..sorry,i just figured out how to get into my page i have lost a years worth of requests,if you read this,can you send another???

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