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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: 1980 - Present
  • Number of gigs played: 8
  • Number of other acts played with: 20
Sceneroller, Social Spit, Bruce Atwell, Brian Watkins, Russ Weber, Steve "Squirrel" Oberg, Jonny Vee, Jonny Vee, Cliff Cunningham
  • Bruce Atwell
    1980 - 1981, January
    Lead Vocal
  • Brian Watkins
    1980 - 1982
  • Russ Weber
    1980 - 1982
    Electric Bass
  • Steve "Squirrel" Oberg
    1980 - Unknown
  • Jonny Vee
    1980 - Present
    Guitars, Vocals
    Replaced: Dave Fleminger

    1980, November - Present
    Guitars, Vocals
    Replaced: Dave Fleminger
    Joined Social Spit after founding member Dave "Phlegm" Fleminger quit. Played with Spit until Mid Summer 1981, Reunion at Kings Road in 1983-4, Recreated Spit with Vocalist Cliff Pegleg in 1986, Has been playing off and on with spit since then, with a few years Hiatus in between strings of gigs.
  • Cliff Cunningham
    1981, February - Present
    Replaced: Bruce Atwell
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About This Act

Jonny and Bruce Formed in the Late 70's SOCIAL SPIT Played one show with Guitarist Dave Fleminger, Singer Bruce SKABZ Atwell, Drummer Brian Watkins, Bassist Bosco and excess guitar player Squirrel at The Blind Center on Upas Street in San Diego. XweAponX (Jonny V) joined Social Spit at a Black Flag show in the fall of 1980. Original drummer Brian Watkins stayed and Bassist Russ Weber was added, in December 1980, the first new Social Spit show was played at the Lions Club on Utah St in San Diego. But y’know what? Who gives a FUCK about any of that? It’s fuckin almost THIRTY YEARS ago- So PISS OFF! Read more.

  • Nid: 7279
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