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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, Spittin' Teeth
About This Act

From Good Bad Music for Bad, Bad Times:

1. "From what I can remember (it’s been about 30 years since Greg Adams first told me), all of the band’s energy had been spent in pursuit of a record contract (the video clip bears this out) and the week when the band was supposed to sign with Warner Bros. – they broke up. At the time this happened, the band members claimed they had grown tired of each other. With maybe 10 years of hindsight, he later told me that what really happened was they were very young and immature, and thought if it was that easy to get a record contract … it would happen again. Unfortunately you can’t catch lightning in a bottle. As far as I know, none of the band members ever came close to “making it” again. I seem to recall there was a half-hearted effort to get some of the band together again in the mid 1980s, but nothing ever came of it. It’s a sad story that’s all too common."

2. "Robbie, it’s Jim, the bass player for Spittin’ Teeth. It’s been a long time. Last time you and I talked was in your apartment just after Siren had been released.

"Just to correct a couple of things. The band broke up the night we heard we didn’t get the Warner Brothers contract. We were in the running (we were told we were one of 5 bands being considered for two contracts), but when we found out we didn’t get it, we were disheartened. There had been strains already in the band, having to do with artistic differences, some personality differences, and the fact that we were all tired of trying to make it in the late 70s LA punk environment. The night we heard about the contract, we had a show at Madame Wong’s (in Santa Monica) with Elton John’s backup band. It was a big show for us, but we weren’t on our game. It was the last time we performed."

3. "I saw the band in Salt Lake City, as I knew Jim Poulton. They were great and it’s so good to hear the music again. When they were on live that passion was mirrored by razor sharp insight into the times. Anyway, I believe that was the Jim who replied above – a philosophy grad student at the U of U turned punk bassist. Still remember discussing Gravity’s Rainbow with him. Fer sure I’d love to have a copy of anything they recorded."

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