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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: Stratford, CT
  • Active: Unknown - Unknown
Sceneroller, The Stratford Survivors, Tom Andrukevich, Mike Czekaj, Dave Flynn
About This Act

From Incas Records bio:

The Survivors started in 1976 after Tom Andrukevich brought the first Ramones album into High School and was roundly laughed at by all but a few students. Those few guys formed a band, and by 1978 they were playing locally and had opened a few shows for the Ramones. Successful and still in their teens, they lost two key members in late ‘79.

Intense drummer “Mad” Mike Czekaj and Tom recruited Bunnell High School buddy Dave Flynn to join up and the newly renamed Stratford Survivors continued their quest. By this time the novelty of punk rock had faded a bit and the guys dug deep into their record collections and developed a harder sound that included garage, soul and sixties instrumental influences.

Anything went and it did, these guys played ALL the time and loved it! Gigs ranged from opening for the Thompson Twins and Bow Wow Wow to playing deserted biker bars with all the lights turned off. Three way drum solos and serious versions of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” rounded out the sets of furious Rock and Roll. They traveled up the east coast and back and made many friends. They jammed and did EVERYTHING together. They found kindred spirits in the Replacements and RI’s Plan 9.

Their one 45 was produced by their friend Daniel Rey of Ramones and “Pet Cemetary” fame. By the mid-eighties they burned out and up rather than do a slow fade.

They remained friends, along with Tom Hearn, who was more an inspiration than a manager and with them solidly from their very first gig to the end.

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