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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: , NJ
  • Active: 1970 - Unknown
  • Number of gigs played: 3
  • Number of other acts played with: 4
Sceneroller, Sunny Jim, Vinny Maniello, Tom Dickinson, Bob Alfano, Bo Ross, Tom Cron
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Sunny Jim was a band with former Castiles (Bruce Springsteen`s first band) members, Bob Alfano and Vinnie Manniello in it. They were managed by Carl"Tinker" West, who also was the Manager of Springsteen's 1969-71 band Steel Mill. Both Sunny Jim and Springsteen`s bands were often rehearsing and practicing at "Tinker" West`s Surfboard Factory in Highlands New Jersey.

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Now somewhere along this time Vinnie says I got this keyboard player (Bob Alfano) and I say I got this bass player (Tom Cron) and how about Bo? We got together on a Saturday and jammed, had a whole mess of fun. Allie said he had this solo instrumental and played it for us, about a seven minute tune. We decided to record it and everybody took a copy home to work out parts to it. This was so amazing. We got together the following Saturday, set up, counted off, and played Allie's tune as a band, all the way through without stopping. Everyone had a different concept that they developed as a result of working at home, out of contact with the other players, and it just worked! I'll never forget it. And that was the original and only line up of Sunny Jim.

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