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  • AKA: Teenage Lust and the Lustettes
  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Active: 1971 - Present
  • Number of gigs played: 41
  • Number of other acts played with: 27
Sceneroller, Teenage Lust, Harold C. Black, Barry Fields, Charlie Wolf, Jimmy Criss, Billy Joe White, Don Kretmar, Bill Lussenden, Tommy Coyne
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About This Act

From Teenage Lust Facebook page: 

"In the summer of 1971, Harold C. Black and Billy Joe White were working with David Peel As "The Lower east side". 
Harold came to the realization that there was a movement being born in NYC which would come to be known as Glitter or Glam. He inlisted his Lower East Side bandmate Billy Joe to join him in this new band being created.
Harold and Billy knew that they needed bandmembers for this new venture to succeed. They enlisted Harold's friends Barry Fields on Bass, Charlie Wolff as Lead Guitarist. Harold on Congas, Mouth Harp, and Harmonicas, and Billy Joe on Lead Vocals and Rythmn Guitar. They also enlist Jimmy Criss on Drums.
Halfway through 1972 the band decide to revamp their image adding in 4 Lucious Ladies christened the Lustettes. Their Stage intros for the band have become in recent years the thing of legends...

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