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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: 1978 - 1979
Sceneroller, The Tokyos, Marc DiCarlo, Tim Hurley, Bruce Stevenson, Jeffrey Mitzo
The Tokyos EP (back cover) (collection Joe Piper)
The Tokyos EP (front cover) (collection Joe Piper)
About This Act

From Che Underground: The Blog:

They were exciting times. Bands seemed to be springing up all over San Diego, influenced by the flurry of new British and American punk bands and taking advantage of the infrastructure that had been created by bands like the Zeros, Hitmakers, Penetrators and Injections. According to Joe Piper, San Diego guitarist and archivist extraordinaire, “The Tokyos were the ‘Fresh Young Face’ of 1978. They were the epitome of snotty, DIY aesthetic. Fun and photogenic, they wore their influences on their skinny sleeves with flair and a fair amount of punk attitude.”

Two months after the band was formed, they recorded a six-song EP in a matter of a few hours at Checkfield Studios in San Diego. According to the liner notes, their intent was “to capture the excitement and energy of a young band.” Released in 1979 on Dusty Roads Records, the 10” red vinyl record is the only artifact that remains of this short-lived phenomenon. Piper says the songs, which “all clock in at under two minutes” are “equally informed by 999, X-Ray Spex and the Buzzcocks, as well as the to-be-expected Clash and Sex Pistols.”

The Tokyos later switched guitarists, added a keyboard player and metamorphosed into the Mature Adults. Tim and Marc would also go on to play in Private Sector and the All Bitchin’ All Stud All Stars. In addition, Tim was the publisher of local fanzine International Personalities.

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