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  • Type: Band
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Active: 1979 - Present
  • Number of gigs played: 33
  • Number of other acts played with: 40
Sceneroller, The Unknowns, Jack Donahue, Sue Ferguson, Joe Foy, Bruce Joyner, Steve Bidrowski, Mark Neill, Dave Doyle, Craig Packham

The Unknowns' second lineup

The Unknowns publicity shot

The Unknowns' Invasion

About This Act

From Che Underground: The Blog, by Ray Brandes:

Anyone who had the opportunity to see the Unknowns play had an unforgettable experience. Crisp, staccato drumming and the dripping-wet reverberation of Mosrite guitars through Fender amplifiers was punctuated by the yips and howls of the legendary melodramatic lead singer, Bruce Joyner, who sang from a chair or aided by a cane, looking every bit like a down-home Barnabas Collins in search of fresh blood.

Their tight and powerful act upstaged every band with whom they played, including the Go-Gos, Madness, the Blasters, the Plimsouls, Wall Of Voodoo, the Romantics, Joe King Carrasco, Romeo Void, the Textones, the Suburban Lawns, Missing Persons and scores of others.

At times the band members themselves have lamented that their place amongst their peers seems to have been forgotten over the years, yet they were the first San Diego band signed to a major label since the Iron Butterfly in 1967. They were named one of the top four bands in California by the Los Angeles Times in the early ‘80s. They were the first band from the San Diego scene to perform live on a major syndicated television show, Peter Ivers’ “New Wave Theater,” which was picked up by Armed Forces Television and the USA Network’s “Night Flight.” And their Sire album “Dream Sequence” has sold nearly 100,000 copies to date.

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  • Nid: 2298
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    • The Unknowns play "Flip Your Switch"
    • The Unknowns play "Rip Tide"
    • The Unknowns play "Gun Fighting Man"
    • The Unknowns play "Pull My Train"
    • The Unknowns play "Rat Race"

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