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It's not surprising that many legends of rock music are celebrating anniversaries of their first gigs in the summer months (at least those in the Northern Hemisphere). After all, clubs are still especially hungry for novelty in summertime, when students are liberated from classrooms and looking for new local heroes around whom to congregate. 

This week marked the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first concert at London's Marquee, although it's piquant that two of the four members pictured standing in front of the club hadn't joined by July 12, 1962. (For more Stones retrospetive fun, check out the Guardian's interative history.) And last week saw the 55th anniversary of Paul McCartney's introduction to John Lennon's Quarrymen. Six days later, McCartney made his debut with the band. (We move a lot faster when we're young!)

As Sceneroller's data grows richer, I'd like to look at the seasonality of new bands. Is it just my imagination, or is summer the time when most fresh local acts sprout?