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Sceneroller, Coventry, 1974, March 13 (Wed), The Dictators, The Dogs
About This Gig

Andy Shernoff - Bass & Vocals, Dictators
Excerpt from:
"Lou Reed Is A Creep: Discourse With Two Dictators"
The Coventry was one of the glitter-rock places in New York, and if you were doing original music, that was the ONLY place to play. If you were a cover band, you could play anywhere; that's what people wanted to see. People didn't want to see bands playing original music, today it's a whole different story.

Loren Molinare - Guitar & Vocals, The Dogs
Excerpt from:
July 2001 Interview
Well, we really moved to NYC first, in June of 1973 and lived in the Lower East Side of New York. We were playing gigs with the Dictators and Television and Kiss, The Fast, at places like Max's Kansas City, The Coventry and the Club 82 and the Electric Circus. It was a great experience to be in NYC in those days, the New York Dolls had just been signed so it was pretty rocking, but I think we had our hearts on going to Hollywood. It was very hard to survive in New York - very expensive we did not work day jobs. LA seemed to be the place to go.