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Sceneroller, Max's Kansas City, 1978, September 30 (Sat), The Music Industry Casualties (featuring Sid Vicious)
About This Gig

From Bombed Out Punk: 

Max’s Kansas City ... was the last place Sid Vicious performed onstage before he died in February 1979.

After the Sex Pistols broke up on their 1978 US tour, Sid moved to New York, where, with his girlfriend Nancy Spungen acting as his manager (and that surely couldn’t have boded well), he was given a series of gigs at Max’s Kansas City in September 1978.

He played these gigs under the name ‘Music Industry Casualties’ with a number of high profile US and British Punk musicians, including the Clash’s Mick Jones, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones and Paul Cook formerly of the Sex Pistols, Rat Scabies of The Damned, New York Dolls’ Arthur Kane, Jerry Nolan, Johnny Thunders and some of the Dead Boys, to name but a few.

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