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Sceneroller, 1520 Sedgwick Ave., 1973, August 11 (Sat), DJ Kool Herc
About This Gig
From Sedgwick & Cedar Web site: It began from humble beginnings. Cindy Campbell decided to throw a back to school party in the small Rec Room at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx on August 11, 1973. Her big brother, DJ Kool Herc, extended the break beats and mesmerized the jam packed crowd. That first Hip Hop house party would change the world forever. DJ Kool Herc could not contain the party inside for long. He moved the party down the street to Cedar Park where Kool Herc hot wired a light pole for juice to power up his legendary Herculord speakers and rocked the borough. Sedgwick Avenue & Cedar Park is the authentic place "Where It All Began." Read more.