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  • The Downtown Messiah
  • Venue: The Bottom Line
  • Date: 2003, December 13, 10:30 pm (Sat)
Sceneroller, The Bottom Line, 2003, December 13, 10:30 pm (Sat)
About This Gig
Directed by Richard Barone (The Bongos), arrangements by Peter Kiesewalter (The Angstones), and choral direction by Margaret Dorn (The Accidentals) 2003 cast: The Accidentals, Richard Barone, Margaret Dorn, The Kennedys, David Johansen, Peter Kiesewalter, Tobi Kiesewalter, Ann Marie Milazzo, Terre Roche, Mulebone UK, Randy Brecker, Everett Bradley, Hubert Sumlin, Soozie Tyrell and Meg Griffin reading the recitative.