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Sceneroller, Che Cafe, 1985, October 26 (Sat), Hair Theatre, 3 Guys Called Jesus, Camper Van Beethoven, Synesthesia, Phobia Phobia, Black Tango, The Front, Everybody Violet, Solución Mortal, Halo Effect, Ministry of Truth , Manifest Destiny, Divine Comedy
Ministry of Truth - 1980s San Diego Punk Rock Show - Mexico City Earthquake Benefit at Che Cafe
Flyer by "Dayzy Chayne": Quake Aid; Che Cafe, Oct. 26, 1985
About This Gig
  • Mexican earthquake benefit marked the first San Diego appearance of Camper Van Beethoven.
  • Last appearance by Ryk Groetchen in 3 Guys Called Jesus.
  • Debut of Everybody Violet.