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Sceneroller, Coventry, 1973, January 30 (Tue), KISS
About This Gig

Excerpt from:
Kiss Alive Forever: The Complete Touring History
by Curt Gooch & Jeff Suhs [p. 17]
This was Kiss' debut show. Kiss' performance was the first at the newly named Coventry, which had been previously called the Popcorn Pub. For a band that became renowned the world over for it's garish, rediculous appearance, Kiss' attire for their fist concert was, simply put, dull. Of the four, only Gene wore makeup that even hinted at what was to come, with pncake [makeup] covering his face and black greasepaint smudged formlessly around his eyes. Peter wore a small amount of Rouge, and neither Paul nor Ace wore any makeup whatsoever. The band's clothing was very pedestrian as well. Gene wore bellbottoms and a sailor suit top. Ace wore jeans and a shirt, as did Paul, who included a dark sports jacket in his ensemble.

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