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  • "It Happened...But Nobody Noticed" CD re-release
  • Venue: Cafe Nine
  • Date: 2008, April 28 (Mon)
  • Headliners: The Furors
Sceneroller, Cafe Nine, 2008, April 28 (Mon), The Furors
About This Gig

From New Haven Advocate:

In 1982, New Haven indie label Gustav Records released It Happened... But Nobody Noticed, a compilation LP featuring 13 tracks by as many bands that had frequented the local punk scene during the few years prior. Nearly a year ago, Gustav honcho and musician in his own right (see: Mirrors, Rocket from the Tombs, Saucers, The Plan, Bell System) Craig Bell announced plans to give that long-out-of-print album its first CD release within the year, its 25th anniversary. By the time every band had given clearance (per copyright law) and the CDs were pressed, we were into '08. And although the landmark anniversary has passed, Bell and a handful of dedicated archivists and back-in-the-day scenesters have managed to assemble enough extras to make the wait worthwhile—a full second disc, Temps Supplementaire, of 13 more tracks from roughly the same era as the original, and a CD release show, on Friday, featuring 10 bands represented on both discs (or featuring key members of those original bands).

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